duminică, 4 iulie 2010


Come celebrate with US the 4th of July tomorrow! at 4pm sharp

THE PARADISGARAJ DREAMERS CELEBRATE THE AMERICAN DREAM even if they don't have Dollar$ and no ca$h at all

The American-Romanian connection is a strong one as much as the dreaming. Before 1989 the VOICE OF AMERICA radio was constantly announcing that the Americans will come and that they will free us. During the Revolution people actually believed that American GI's will help us fight the terrorists. Shortly after the Revolution American Dollars were the hard currency on the black market exchange. After 20 years the Bucharest gated community Suburbia closely resembles American Suburbia. We realized we actually wanted very hard to become a Latino-American Banana Republic in Eastern Europe.
Now finally PARADISGARAJ joins the ranks, and salutes all the American-Romanian pacts, affairs, deals, colonizations, contracts, sell-outs, marriages, neo-evangelicalisms, collaborations, hummer cars, harley davidson bikes, handshakes, closed door meetings, presidential speeches, armory shows, PhD's, brain drains, graduation party's, soros foundation hand-outs, Mihail Kogalniceanu CIA interrogation camps, and invites you to a free glass of Cola aaaaaaaaaaaaand... for the first five lucky winners a HOT DOG!

We salutes all those who made the American-Romanian connection a vibrant and healthy one! We apologize for the many omissions, but here are just a few important names in no particular order: Dumitru Gorzo, the infamous three - Linda Nuclear Fairy/Irlo/Omar, Kontainer Gallery, Mihai Pop, Irina Botea, Andreiana Mihail, Dan Perjovschi, Corina Suteu/Oana Radu/Stefania Ferchedau(ICR NY), Cristian Neagoe, Calin Dan former director of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts and all the American ambassadors and cultural attaches in Bucharest.

in the pursuit of happiness,

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