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This is a small introductory text to a very straight forward project. The text is in English, since we wanted to communicate and relate to other internationally blasphemous high school practices that kept our minds dirty and ready to attack authority, power figures and ridicule national symbols and myths. 

Some of you may be familiar with this scan of a high school notebook back-cover, some of you may not. This is a typical cover of a thick dictando notebook everybody used in high school before 1989 and immediately after 1989 in Romania. 
The back-covers of these notebooks were used for Romanian Language and Grammatic, Universal Literature, History, Latin etc or any other subject of the Humanist curriculum, as a sort of pin-up with one of our countries great heroes. It had a equestrian pose usually employing the same style as the monuments dotting the city centers, a recurrent and very common style of glorifying former rulers of our country. Time and time again similar images have been used us a simplistic prop for nationalistic and chauvinistic purposes either by the new right movement, by the national military ceremonial or populist political figures. 
Against and in the back of this grew another, unofficial tradition, of dealing with these iconic superhero images of our forefathers. Because they were on the back-cover of the notebooks, these templates quickly became a magnet for smutty, horny and totally impudent thoughts, shamelessly and joyously manipulating images of the country's best. The excremental truth about our national history was always kept hidden on the back covers of our high school years.      
Probably if you really try to silence a bunch of kids, and you keep on brainwashing them with battles, victories, sacrifices and the glories of the past, you will almost certain end up with a collection of the most pornographically and politically vicious images around...

Please remember that this is a small effort to keep alive a rough tradition and unorthodox practice. We hope you will still feel free to mutate, genetically manipulate, intervene, sodomize, modify and deface this image using basic means. We feel it is important to show this ensuing collection of anti-heroic drawings comprising all the works received. Parts of it will be published in a regular column with the support of the SEFEU comic book. We would also like to keep all contributors as anonymous traitors and national enemies, in a tradition that goes back to these high school back covers.  
Thank you for continuing to undermine our heroic forefathers.

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