marți, 6 decembrie 2011



ParaditGaraj travels to Heidiland. Zurich lies at the very heart of the Heidiland paradise. As always PG is interested in the fate of "paradise" as a continuing secular and mythical trope of enclosed and walled-in wellness.
How and under what particupar and specific shape, for example, have the prosperity stories surrounding the country of Schlaraffenland (from Middle Hoch Deutsch sluraff = loafer, drone, idler; „Das Land der faulen Affen“ the land of lazy monkeys) survived the constant cuts, heavy financial losses, bankruptcies, insolvency, bad investments, shrinking funds and zero artist fees. We are still relentlessly searching for the back-rooms, the corridors and antechambers of wellness during today's economic gloom.

At first, we thought of maybe bringing back Heidiland to its initial purity of green alpine meadows, happy sun-tanned and healthy girls, goat herds and Cabaret Voltaire's, and getting rid of all the banks, Davos meetings and Art Basel's.
But hey, the fact stands that there was only one way for ParadisGaraj nowadays to get from Draculand to Heidiland. And that way was by massaging the Swiss public, Swiss art lovers, Swiss citizens, gallery owners and curators after all the hard work. We would have liked to offer Full Body Massage but because of the new austerity measures, the ICR no-artist-fee laws, PG can offer only Limited Body Massage in a limited Romanian hospitality situation.

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